From the moment we opened our doors, we had a few goals in mind.
Our first goal was to completely revolutionize the budtender- customer experience.
Every Customer that walks through our doors is treated like family.
Whether it's your 1st time in or your 47th, we make it our goal to not only offer you the highest quality cannabis, but also build relationships so that we can tailor options specifically for you.
Our second goal was to find a team of highly passionate individuals who just plain love cannabis.
We take pride in striving to be the most knowledgeable team in the state, and do our best everyday to grow our knowledge on various cannabis topics such as Strain Genetics, Farm Information, and the ever-growing field of cannabis science.
This Knowledge is passed on to our customers so that we can all grow together!:)
Our final goal was to search every corner of the market to bring you the absolute best cannabis Washington State has to offer.
Top Shelf to Budget Brands, we made it our mission to find farms who bring value to whatever customer may walk through the doors.
If You Find Yourself In The Valley, Stop By And Say Hello!